Scientific Presentations:

Michael Gralinski, Elaine Tanhehco, Donald L. Barbeau, Eric Gricius “Cardiotoxicity of Hydroxylated Metabolites of Imipramine in the Langendorff Isolated Perfused Rabbit Heart” Presented at the Safety Pharmacology Society 5th Annual Meeting September 27, 2005 Mannheim, Germany

Donald L. Barbeau, Michael Gralinski, and Eric Gricius, “Drug –Induced Proarrhythmic Cardiotoxicity of Oxidized (Hydroxylated) Metabolites” Presented at the FDA QT Working Group September 5, 2006

Shawn G Clouthier, KM Bailey, S McDermott, MS Wicha “The Effect of the Thioridazine Analog BG-7862 on Cancer Stem Cell Populations” Conference Paper: Pediatrics Research Symposium, Ann Arbor, MI; October 2013

License Agreements:

B&G Partners -Oncorx Pharmaceuticals Inc. Worldwide Patent and Know-how License Agreement; September 18, 2015

Press Releases:

 “Oncorx Pharmaceuticals Inc. Announces Treatments for Therapy-resistant Tumors” September 23, 2015

“Oncorx Pharmaceuticals Inc. Announces Issuance of Third Patent for Controlling Resistant Tumors” December 2, 2015

Issued Patents:

United State Patent 9,198,916 issues December 1, 2015 “Compounds and Methods for Treating Tumors”; Donald L. Barbeau Inventor

European Patent 2 998 303 B1 granted June 13, 2018 “Compounds and Methods for Treating Tumors”; Donald L. Barbeau Inventor

Scientific Papers in Preparation:

Donald L. Barbeau “Prooxidant Effects of Singlet Oxygen (1O2) on Ventricular Arrhythmias, QT Prolongation and torsade de pointes” 

Donald L. Barbeau “α4β1/FAK/STAT3 -Mediated Tumor Resistance in Drug-resistant Mesenchymal Tumor Cells” 

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